Every little girl has a story.
Every little girl has a story.


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First and foremost, thank you to all the loyal readers and supporters of Comora’s Stories. We had a feeling we were doing the right thing when we started, but it was your overwhelming support that turned that feeling into a fact. Despite our success we realize we have a long way to go to before we bring gender and ethnic equality in children’s literature to the forefront of the discussion and not as an afterthought. There are still many people that don’t believe that a children’s book can feature a female black child as a protagonist and still be a high quality and engaging story worth their investment.


Comora's New Shoes Book Cover
Comora’s New Shoes Book Cover

We’ve decided to make our first book, Comora’s New Shoes, free for five days. Starting September 24, 2015 until September 29, 2015, Comora’s New Shoes will be free via Kindle unlimited on Amazon. Amazon Prime members will also be able to download Comora’s New Shoes during this trial period.  During this time we invite anyone and everyone not familiar with the Comora’s Stories series to download Comora’s New Shoes and see what a wonderful story it is and decide for themselves if diversity does in fact have something to offer children’s literature. If you haven’t already, please take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with the other books in the Comora’s Stories series, Why Waterworks Won’t Work and How I Wear My Amazing Hair. We look forward to making your day! Happy Reading!

Comora’s Parents

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Do we really need another children’s book about the hair of girls of color? YES!

Women have a very special relationship with their hair. None more so dare I say than women of color. Oftentimes their characters are judged and their worth measured by the length, texture, style and even the color of their hair. In the African American community the debate on “good hair” vs. “bad hair” is as old and rife with controversy as the debate between what constitutes “light skinned” and “dark skinned”. There are many children’s authors who have tackled the issues young girls of color face with their hair. We own many of those remarkable books and have used them as gentle lessons to teach our own daughter to embrace her amazing hair. So it was not without much though when we decided to write, ‘How I Wear My Amazing Hair’, and add our voice to the conversation about self-esteem through the self-expression of how one wears their hair. When a mother does her daughters hair, it’s an interpretation of how she wants her daughter to look to the world. When her daughter starts to ask for different styles she is becoming self aware of her own identity and how SHE wants the world to look at her. As parents we have experienced this, as have other parents, and we think real-life experiences are the best foundations for amazing books.

How I Wear My Amazing Hair-Book Cover.
How I Wear My Amazing Hair-Book Cover.
Original Flat Rope Twist With Puffs Style

How I Wear My Amazing Hair’ is a celebration of style for young girls who embrace the versatility of their natural hair while recognizing the magic in a mothers hands when she is holding a comb. Drawing inspiration from our own daughter, our friends, and even the Internet, we have created a fun way to acknowledge the plethora of styles girls of color with different textures wear their hair. As Comora’s Parents, we felt we could contribute to the conversation by not only showcasing some of the more popular styles but also illustrating the steps involved in making those styles possible. It’s not meant to be an exhaustive guide. ‘How I Wear My Amazing Hair’ is but a brief glimpse behind the curtain for the uninitiated about the hair of girls of color. What better way for curious young girls NOT of color to broach the subject rather than spend years wondering only to grow up and finally work up the nerve to utter the almost always offensive, “can I touch it?” As any woman of color, or woman in general will tell you, how she wears her hair is what sets her apart from the other women but its also how its draws them together. It’s never too early to promote sisterhood while embracing the beauty of diversity. Readers who are familiar with the hair of girls of color will enjoying seeing popular styles come to life right before their eyes without having to sit still for hours with their heads at an awkward angle *smile*.

Self-esteem issues can start at a very young age. It’s also at a very young age when we as parents should promote self-expression as a positive. We hope you enjoy ‘How I Wear My Amazing Hair’ and celebrate the beauty of diversity.

Comora’s Parents.


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